Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wool Swap and Games

The Crescent Lane Rug Hookers had a Wool Swap last Monday, August 24, 2015.  We had approximately 30 of our members show up to hooking ready to swap wool.  Each Hooker gathered up all the wool that she thought she would never use. She would then roll them into sizes of 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 yards, and brought them to our hooking day.

 Wool sunflower pins and Cotton  Wool Candy were given as treats.

Signing in.

We also had our annual wool sale going on.

 Pam, our newest member buying hand dyed wool on sale.

For the swap, everyone dumped all the wool of size 1/16 on the table.  After drawing numbers, all the odd numbers went first and chose ONE wool of their choice.  Next went the even numbers and each chose one.  And so on, until the wool was gone.  One could only choose the amount of wool that she had brought.  (You could not leave with more wool than you brought).  If you brought 10 of 1/16 yards, you went home with 10 of 1/16 yards.  Simple enough.

 Emptying our bags of goodies.

 Getting into position before the word "Go"!

Then we swapped size 1/8 until it was gone.  Then size 1/4 yards.  It was so much fun and everyone now had a new stash of wools.

Now for the bad news, wool prices have gone up.  Good thing we have a new stash from swapping!

Notice the glum faces? And, then there is Karen.

However, back to the GOOD news . . . free wool from Kathy!  Hooray!

 I just love wool SOOOOO much!

Lunch was catered by Marti's at Midday.  We had pimento cheese, chicken salad, fruit, and pita points.  The guild bought the cake for dessert, Rasperberry with Creme Cheese Frosting from Cecilia's.

"Just Hook On"

Empty plates already?

We could buy local honey from guild member Beverly.

Some of our ladies brought projects for all to see.  Fabulous work ladies!

Just hanging out until our next event, here are our precious Hookers!

I just noticed that Noreen, our 'photographer', got into a few shots.  
How'd she do that?

Now for the fun.  We got into groups of 5 and had 40 minutes to take a "Mental Flexibility and Creativity" test.  First and second prizes were given, which of course was WOOL.  The first and second place winners were happy.  Not so the others.

  Going over the answers.

  Second place winners.

 First place winners.
SOOOOO, to make it a little exciting we played "Let's Make a Deal".  First place winners were offered the choice of keeping the prize wool, OR swapping for a mystery envelope.  A number was drawn and that person would get what was not chosen.  Therefore offering others a chance to win something.  Chances were taken and prizes were swapped.

 Explaining the 'twist'.  (The sign says, "Did I tell you that I won the Raffle Rug?  My daughter drew my name!!!"  Yep, that's me!)

 Surprise and amazement ensues.

Let's Make A Deal.   Five mysterious envelopes.

 Would you like envelope #1 . . . . . 2, 4, 5, OR envelope #1?

  Kathy chooses the mysterious envelope number 1.  Now pick a number.

 Bobbie got a can of worms.

And, Maggie got a box of sparklers.

 The 'can of worms' against the 'sparklers'. To trade of not to trade.

Each kept their own prize to find a nicer one inside.

 Other prize winners . . .

 Did I tell you 'I just LOVE wool?  I think I did.

 Noreen, is that YOU?  You do some GREAT selfies!

 And now, the first was the last.  What is in envelope #1?

An EXTRA piece of CAKE.  Congratulations, Kathy!

Good sport, Kathy!

Happy Hooking Everyone!

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Eagle Rug

This is my latest hooked rug which is an adaptation of an old rug I saw in a book.  I love this rug.  I found it in the book "American Hooked and Sewn Rugs" by Joel and Kate Kopp.  It was a rug made between 1803 and 1812 according to the 17 stars which probably represents Ohio.  It was yarn sewn on linen and the original was 36" x 69".  I loved the colors, the circles, the eagle and the use of pink in the flowers and bits of the circles.  The red is more of an orange and the blue is not a navy.  Maybe the colors faded over the 200 years but as it is now, the colors are appealing to me.  Not your typical eagle rug.  Then I found the pattern for this early 1800's rug in the book "The Rug Hook Book" edited by Thom Boswell.  I tried to follow the colors as much as possible, however the blue that was used in the original was more of a cadet blue, I just couldn't find the right formula to dye the wool.  This is my favorite rug I have hooked so far.  If you want to see the original rug, it is found on page 21 of "American Hooked and Sewn Rugs".
Happy Hooking