Sunday, January 30, 2011

Angel Fraktur plus Avocado pits dye

Finally, a new post! Here is my Angel Fraktur. It is hanging above my front door in my foyer. It is a copy of the fraktur that our sweet Nancy Thompson had hooked and hanging above her kitchen door. I always loved it and my rug will always remind me of Nancy. She had her own way of hooking the sweetest faces in all of her rugs, something that I cannot capture, it was her own unique style.

The rug measures 7.5 inches by 46 inches. Here are some close-ups.

Notice the nice rosey cheeks. I used blusher on a Q-Tip for that effect. Nancy would have hooked it in with a soft rose color wool.

Now for a great tip on dyeing flesh tone wools that I got from Rug Hooking Daily.
AVOCADO PITS! Yes, indeed! I am VERY impressed with the color it produced. I only had three pits, but I got a great 6 by 15 inch sample. With more pits I could have gotten more wool with graduated tones. I put the pits in a old pot used ONLY for dyeing and filled it with water. Simmered for a while, threw in the wool and let it soak up the dye. Then I put in about 1/2 cup of vinegar until the dye was gone.
A good thing to do is to strain the dye first, then put in the wool. I had little bits of avocado pit on the wool I had to deal with.

Here is a picture of the pot with Avocado pits. See the beautiful dye? Have a try at this easy dyeing technique!
Happy Hooking!