Monday, October 31, 2011

Allie's Rug

Now that the new grand baby is here, I wanted to make a rug for her big sister (my first grand child) who had to give up her room and move upstairs. That is a lot to ask of a big sister!

I decided to let Allie design her own rug. She looked through some of my rug hooking books and decided on some things to put in her rug. I gave her a large piece of paper (a mistake on my part) and she filled it up with her favorite things . . . Hearts and Stars and Flowers. I helped her with the leaves and side leaves and stems. Then she wanted a dog in the center. D-Daddy (my hubby) taught her how to draw a dog.

My next step was to talk her out of half of the tulips in the center. She decided on color placement and went through all my wools and picked out her favorite colors, all blues and purples. She liked dots, so she told me to add some.

When I gave her the rug, her face lit up with joy to see her drawing on a rug. I was trying to impress her and I pointed out that I added purple tint to the background wool. She studied it for a moment and said, "That's O.K., MooMoo. I don't think anyone will notice. Oh well, so much for for that.

It looks so adorable in her room.