Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Wool pumpkins

Fall is around the corner.  Here is something fun and easy to make to decorate the house or for a gift to cheer a friend.  Have fun.

Wool for pumpkin and leaf
embroidery floss
covered wire and pencil 
hot glue and gun
Cut or tear a rectangle of orange (or whatever color) wool for the pumpkin.  I used a 12 by 6 inch piece. 

Fold in half short sides together and make a seam using a running stitch up the side.

Like this.  Do not cut thread.
Finger press the seam flat.

 While the needle is still threaded, make a running stitch around the bottom.

Pull tight and run the needle through a few more pleats and knot off thread.
Like this. 

Turn right side out.
Stuff.  Re-thread needle and make a running stitch around the top.

Run needle through a few pleats and knot off thread.

Pull tight.

Re-thread needle with about 45-60 inches of thread.  Attach thread to top of pumpkin with a knot and run needle down through the center of the pumpkin and out the bottom.  Go around the outside of the pumpkin and down again through the center and out the bottom.  Do this several times to make the indentations of the pumpkin, placing one of the threads on the seam of the pumpkin.

Knot the thread.

Even out the gathers.
Cut out a leaf.
With needle and green floss, make a running stitch about 3/4 the way up the center of the leaf and back down again.  Knot off thread.
Wind wire around a pencil for the tindrell.

Insert twig into top.  Hot glue leaf and tindrell.
Happy Hooking.