Saturday, June 9, 2012

Making a Small Hooked Piece Stand

 Want to make that cute little hooked item stand?  Here are some
directions to make that happen . . .

 Zigzag 1/2 inch from the hooked item (leave a hem) and trim up to the zigzag.

 Pin the seam to the back leaving the hem open.

 Baste seam to back. Clip seam if necessary.

 Pin the item to wool fabric and cut around the item.

 Pin the fabric to the back.

 Whip stitch around picking up the thread of linen close to the hooking and 
then into the wool fabric.

Back (hem tucked inside). 

 Front (hem tucked inside).


 Trace an oval on cardboard the size of the opening.

 Trim, trim, trim to fit . . . not too snug.

 Like this.

 Place your cardboard oval on wool fabric and cut an oval 1/2 to 3/4 inches larger.

 Gather the wool oval with a running stitch.  Pull to fit, then go around the gathers one more time.  Secure the thread.
If the hooked piece is tall, you may want to weight the bottom by putting pennies or plastic pellets in the bottom before you sew on the covered cardboard piece.  I make a little cloth bag to put the pellets in so they do not scatter everywhere.

 Whip stitch around close to hooking picking up the wool fabric 
and not the cardboard.

 Like this.

Enjoy.  Happy Hooking.