Monday, October 29, 2012

2nd Annual Crescent Lane Auction and Raffle

Hi Everyone!  Our 2nd annual Crescent Lane Auction and Rug Raffle was held on October 27, 2012.  We all had a fabulous time.  Here are some pictures that you may enjoy . . . .

Decorating is always fun.  The theme was OWLS.  I got some great ideas from Pinterest.

 Signing in.
Auction Paddles.
 A Cathy Meyer Owl Pattern.
Owl Garland Pinterest idea.

 A Joyce Connell Painting.
Crocheted Owl pattern from ATERGcrochet on Etsy.
Goodie Bags . . . another Pinterest idea.

Toilet Goblin, Pinterest.

Pinterest pumpkins.

Pinterest "Come in My Pretties" sign, had to have it!  Sign from Gina Steverson

Saw this sign on Pinterest.
 Raffle Rug.  Two Squares were not finished, but as you can see below, a hooker came through to finish it!

 Last minute ticket sales.  Sadly, she did not win.
 Go Beverly!  Hook away!

 Preparing the Silent Auction.

 Hookers, start your bidding!.
 Viewing upcoming Main Auction Items.

Main Auction Items.

Showing off our Hooters!  Bobbie helped to make the Owl Pins and Dana made all the Goodie Bag Owls.  They did NOT expect for me to tell everyone to take a look at their HOOTERS! Some are big, some are little . . .as Hooters go!

FOOD, of course.

 Hungry Bidders.

The Auction.
Jill, our Auctioneer.

 And the Raffle Rug Winner is . . . .

A most joyous Bobbie!  One of the Hooter Girls.

It was just a Fun, Fun Day!!!!