Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hooking with leftover Snarles

I just took a class from Eric Sandburg in January on Geometrics, which by the way was a fabulous class. We could only work from our snarl bag (leftover strips from other rugs). Before class we divided our strips into light, bright, dark, and dull (or by colors) and brought them with us to class. Our pattern was an original that he drew called "Step Medallion", a 16 x 16 inch square. LOVE the pattern and it was wonderful to hook.

Working from just a snarl bag was so very challenging and I never realized how many strips it took to hook up a 16 x 16 area. If you run out of a color, you have to improvise and decide what to do next. It really stretches you and the tendency to cheat was always on my mind. BUT, I persevered and I am so very proud of myself.

It is not the prettiest thing I ever hooked, but it is . . . interesting and really shows the pattern. Click on the picture and you can better see where I had to re group and throw in another color, or go into a different direction. Every one in the class is hooking the pattern differently. It is amazing how different the results. If I can snap a picture of the some of the other hooker's geometric, I will post the pictures.

Wonderful class!


  1. *****let me be the first to comment...very, very
    nice. give yourself the credit due on a great
    geometric, excellent hooking and excellent color
    placement. i wish some of the other hookers on these blogspots had the color sense, or any sense for the matter, that you have!!! A+ for your work...keep it up!!!

  2. Cynthia, I love this rug. Your use of color is fantastic as usual! smile!

  3. Wow! Thanks you both for the very nice compliment. I don't feel very confident with colors yet, but I do appreciate your nice comments. This class was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be and even with all the snarles that I had, I found the colors to be limited. Happy Hooking! Cynthia

  4. Hi I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! What a great job you did on the geometric. I need to do one of those projects where you use up your "worms~that's what I call them". Great job. I'll sign up and be a follower! Come and see me too!

  5. I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking back through some of your older posts. You footstool especially caught my attention because I recently did the same thing and I'm pretty sure that the stool itself was the exact same one that you used! Very nice!