Monday, July 23, 2012

Hooked Owl

 I hooked this owl from the "Primitive Hooked Rug Owls" pattern by Cathy Meyer.  It is a great pattern which also has a pattern for a baby owl (not hooked yet).  Right now, the mommy owl is just sitting on her nest waiting for her baby to hatch. She may be waiting a while.

This has nothing to do with rug hooking, but I made this sea shell "B" with the shells that I found on Cape San Blas beach this summer.  It brings back fond memories of our trip.  Did I mention that I made it . . . right by myself?  My husband laughed when I started it.  He said it would not look like a "B" when it was finished.  So there!


  1. I'm in an owl phase now and love your hooked momma. :-)

  2. Shell art ~ I love it!! Your husband is a naysayer ~ proved wrong, of course!!! Woo hoo!