Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Max Rug

I am back to working on the Merit Program. Looking over the list of projects, I have decided to hook a Primitive rug with a Hit and Miss border. The Primitive rug is on the list of projects from the Garnet Award list and the Hit and Miss border is a project from the Ruby Award.

There are so many terrific rug hooking books that I have used to help with this project. I've just about worn each of them out looking at all the fabulous old rugs, reading about the back ground of each one, and learning how to hook and choose colors to make mine look as old and authentic. Here is a list of the books that I used (no particular order). They are all so wonderful and a great addition to any rug hooking library.

I chose Max as my subject for my rug. Max was our barn cat. I say 'was' because he once lived in our barn at our old house. He spooked a horse late one night and was kicked by it, breaking his hip. We brought him to the house and nursed him back to health. Max decided he liked our 'barn' better than his and became our house cat. He is still with us, ruling over us like a king.

Max is a tuxedo cat with markings on his face which makes him look like he is frowning. He isn't really, but it gives him the appearance of a disgruntled superior feline. I wanted to try to capture that in my folk art rug.

I will show more pictures as I progress.


  1. You did a great job on Max! Love the frown!
    Hope the king eventually gets to sit on his rug. LOL!
    Can't wait to see the finished rug.

  2. OH YES, Pat. I have pictures of Max on his rug already! Thanks, Cynthia

  3. Max - the rug - looks wonderful. I always like to hear the story behind the rug. Max is a lucky kitty - I'm sure his "frown" is actually a grateful grin (just backwards).

  4. Love the rug!! Post the pic of Max sleeping on it!!!