Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nancy Butts Thompson

My very dear friend and hooking leader has passed away to be with the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. She was loved by so many and has left us with her legacy of her love of hooking. The Crescent Lane Rug Hookers all morn her loss, but the angels in heaven are getting a really good lesson in rug hooking about now. I will miss her so much. Here are only a very, very few of the wonderful rugs she hooked.


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  2. Mom I'm so sorry you lost a very dear friend and your group lost a very special lady!! Her smile and enthusiasm for life and hooking was just infectious. I'll NEVER forget my bridal shower with her... who else writes an amazing storyline and has their husband and dog dress up and get married in a mock wedding just for the daughter of one of her hookers???? She will truly be missed by so many but her rug hooking legacy will live on and be carried on by all her little sheep :) I know the Bible says the streets are paved in gold in Heaven, but what do you want to bet there are hooked rugs along the way now??

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I have the rug hooking book that the group put together, and could tell that she was a really fun lady just from the feeling.

  4. How sad it is to loss such a wonderful and talented person. I'm sorry to hear about her loss.

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