Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cleaning and lubricating your Bliss Cutter

It is not difficult to clean and take care of your Bliss cutter. Mine is rather old as you can see, but it runs smooth as glass. Do not be afraid to clean your cutter. (Please click on the pictures for larger images.)

First, you want to clean out all the wool dust . Lower the drum by turning the knob under the machine (unscrewing it a bit, not all the way). The drum will lower. I use an old toothbrush and brush all the areas underneath and on top.

Once all the dust is gone, you can use a lubricant (I use a Lithium Grease. It is like a tooth paste in consistency). To put the lubricant on the machine, I use an old paint brush with stiff bristles.
Lithium bonds to the metal which is a good thing. I bought this tube from Lowe's for about $3.75. This tube will last me more than a life time, but it is also good for door hinges. Lubricate you Bliss maybe once a year or whenever it is not running smoothly.

Clean and lubricate everything that turns on the underneath side.

Get into all the grooves of each gear.

I will also lubricate the handle because it squeaks sometimes.

Take good care of your Bliss. Happy Hooking.


  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have a Bliss and maybe due to my horror at cleaning in general, I never even considered the poor thing might need some lubricant every now and then! You explained this so well and with such nice pictures. I was just a bit nervous, and impressed, seeing you grease so close to your beautiful hooking! ;-)

  2. What great information! I've had my Bliss cutter for about 10 years now, and have never done anything besides blow the wool off! I'll have to look for the lubricant ASAP. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Thanks Cynthia. This is going to be helpful for a lot of hookers!

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  5. Excellent sharing Thanks for share i am sure its must help me. thanks for doing this.
    John Wintermute

  6. Thanks for this tutorial! I have an old Bliss like yours, and I'm sure it will appreciate the extra attention. Do you know if it's possible to purchase the black rubber feet? One of mine is missing. Thanks!

  7. I would check with The Fraser company They will likely have them. Good luck and happy hooking.

  8. Thank you! I recently acquired a second -hand Bliss and was concerned about the smoothness of its operation. Tried lubricant and now it works like a charm!

  9. That is so awesome. Mine still works beautifully. Happy Hooking!