Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finishing up some things

Now that the Auction is over, I am determined to finish up some projects that have been sitting in my closet for some time.  This is my grandson Wyatt.  I started him in February 2012 in a class with Donna Hrkmann.  I didn't quite catch his happy little face, but it is so hard to hook faces . . . well for me anyway.  I have tweaked him all I care to tweak, so I am DONE!  Just need to put a binding on it and it is going to my daughter.

This project has been in my closet since February 2011.  It is called Farmer in the Dell, my own creation.  It took two years for me to draw the darn thing and I'm still not happy with it.  I am not an artist and I hate to draw.  Things always look better in my head. 

When I started hooking it,  I got stuck in an area and put it down, then in the closet.  I would have to move it out of my way every once in a while to get to other things.  Now I am back to hooking it and my goal is to finish it before the year ends.  I have had to re-hook the mouse already.  It was twice the size and kind of dwarfed the little kitty.  I do like the moon, though.

Happier hooking.

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