Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marblelizing wool

 I bought Karen Kahle's little book on Marbleized Wool and I have been having such fun will all the beautiful colors that can be produced.  You can find Karen's book at ETSY under primitivespirit or here.  It is a tiny book, but worth it's weight in gold!

Just look at the pretty colors all mingled together.  The ones below were marbleized by sandwiching an off white wool between the solid green and solid blue.  See how it marbleized them all.

  I have marbleized wools before, but I really think the book explains the process in detail and I have much better success.  The one below was the first I tried using her process.  Isn't it great?

These I did last night. I want to hook Karen's little pocket Birdsnest Bag that she has as a free pattern using these marbleized wools below.  You can find her free pocket pattern on her blog or here.

Happy Hooking!

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