Friday, October 16, 2009

Merit Program (Peridot Award) Primary Colors

My second project for the Peridot Award is to hook a 10x10 inch area using only primary colors. I have drawn three stars along with some stripes and have hooked red and blue stripes with yellow stars. I began with the darkest values and progressed to the lighter values on the stripes. With the stars, I used the 4 darkest values for the first star, the 4 middle values for the middle, and the 4 lightest for the last. So, I have hooked an area using only primary colors but using most or all of the values that I have dyed with my formulas.

I used ProChem dyes for my primary formulas.

My primary red formula is:
1 tsp. #307 Chinese Red
1/4 tsp. #304 Cape Cod Cranberry
1/16 tsp. #233 Bright Orange

Primary Blue:
1/2 + 1/16 tsp. #440 Blue
1/2 tsp. #495 Teal

Primary Yellow:
1 tsp. #119 Sun Yellow
1/2 tsp. #120 Golden Pear
1/32 tsp. #233 Bright Orange

All other colors in the color wheel were dyed from mixing these three formulas.


  1. PS, will you post links to your blog in the comment section of Palette Dyeing group. I'm sure that everyone will be excited to see what you are doing!

  2. Hum, it looks like my original comment did not get posted. I love your colors! And look how much you have done. I am waiting for my linen to arrive to hook my wheel (in my border) and then the other mats in the middle.

  3. I have not checked your blog for a while and want you to know how impressed I am with your dying!! I read April's tutorial on Palette Dyeing but probably am too lazy to do it!! Yours are really beautiful ~ you should be very proud!!!!