Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Merit Program

I have been learning the Palette Dyeing process from April Deconick (Red Jack Rugs) on Rug Hooking Daily. I have now dyed eight values each of all 12 colors in the color wheel. So, having done that, I have decided to work on the the Peridot award for the Merit program. To do this I have chosen six of the eight projects and will be hooking them into one rug instead of doing individual mats. My first project was to hook the color wheel using the palette of colors. I have re-drawn my color wheel several times making a mess on the canvas before deciding to hook just plain 'ole squares. Not real creative on my part, but it got the job done. I wanted to show how subtle the color changes were from one color to the next, so I placed them next to each other without a dividing line or space. Above is my color wheel, below is my palette of colors . . . six dyed yards of values.


  1. Oh mom, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your colors are so pretty!!!! Nice dye job! Makes me want to go eat skittles :)

    So the question is - how many cats have slept on this so far?

  2. That's a great way to show the color wheel! What value did you choose to hook each color in?

  3. Hi Kelly, I used a value 4, I figured that would show the colors the best. Thanks so much.