Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Auction Day

 The covered dish dinner and auction was fabulous.  Here are some pictures.
The sign in table for name tags, auction paddle numbers, and door prize jar.
Everyone went home with a door prize.  We had some GREAT things in them.

This is the table to buy raffle tickets for our wonderful raffle rug.
Some Autumn decorations to put everyone in a good buying mood.

Pretty pumpkins made from wool.  Some of these were in the door prize bags.
The Kitty would howl and hiss for about 30 seconds when you squeeze him.  Kathy could not resist.
The little acorns are felted wool in acorn shells.

These are items for the big auction.

This is the silent auction table.
Of course we ate first.  We know how to do a covered dish around here!

Let's eat!
Auction rules to follow.
Bidding frenzy at the Silent Auction Table.
Last minute sign up for the door prizes.
The Auctioneer and our own Vanna White modeling.

A happy bidder
This is most of our hooking group.  What a great day!


  1. What an event. It looks like such fun. I'd love to peek into those goodie bags! So many wonderful things in the auction. I'll bet there were a lot of happy folks by the end of the day!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh mY! What a fun, fun event! Maybe our hooking group can do something similar someday!