Friday, November 4, 2011

Make a cute magnet for your scissors and hook . . .

You can make a cute magnet to hold your favorite hook and scissors for yourself or for a hooking friend. It is not difficult, and the magnets keep your hook and scissors handy. One magnet is placed on top and the other magnet is placed underneath your linen to hold the top magnet in place.

NOTE: I found the directions for making the sweet little snippet bag on Linda's blog at  in the October 9, 2011 post.

You will need the following: wool fabric, fabric for lining, two strong magnets, pins, a needle, scissors, embroidery floss, buttons and scrap wool (optional).
I bought my magnets from Home Depot. They are a 3/8 inch x 7/8 inch by 7 7/8 inch block, two per package for about $2.50.

Cut 4 pieces of wool and 4 pieces of lining 3 1/4 by 4 1/2 inches.

Sandwich your magnet in between 2 lining pieces and then two wool pieces. Pin, centering the magnet.

With your needle and embroidery floss (all 6 strands), use a running stitch to secure the magnet in all the layers. Hide your beginning and ending knots in between the layers. The lining pieces will help to protect the wool from the sharp edges of the magnet. NOTE: Check the polarity of the magnets before you sew the second one if you are mixing your wool around like I did on the example. I can change my magnets around to show a different side.

Trim your lining pieces shorter than your wool pieces.

Embellish your magnets with scraps of wool and buttons if desired. Treat yourself . . . or make one for a friend. Happy Hooking!


  1. How cute! I've been meaning to make one of those little snippet bags ever since Linda shared the instructions on her blog - I REALLY need to get busy!

  2. Love it! And it looks so easy. Plus, I love using cool buttons on things!

  3. I like this idea but I'm having a difficult time taking my eyes off the gorgeous wool. Yummy, yummy. JB