Sunday, January 3, 2010

Continuing on with the Color Rug . . .

I am continuing to hook on my 'rug of color' for the Peridot Award. The border is almost finished, I do want to make some changes, however. I worked my initials in the neutral colors from my "Palette Dying", but it looks out of place so I will re-hook them using a color with the blue-green border background. That will be more consistant. (If you want a laugh, look closely at my initials. I hooked them upside down and got the 'J' backwards. Think before you hook!) Also, I haven't dyed the wools for the "TONE" and the "SHADE", so the lettering will be pulled out and re-hooked using wools dyed for those words.
It took me forever to decide what to hook for the 'balanced' part of the rug. It is so darn narrow nothing seemed to work. My husband suggested hooking a neck tie . . . it is long, I could make it colorful . . . but it didn't go with the rest of the rug. I'm going with a kind of patch work quilt thing and have a "Georgia Peach' in the center squares.
I'm sure hoping to have this thing completed in the next few weeks!

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  1. Cynthia, I love what you have done here! Wow. This is going to be a great rug for teaching. The proddy, the color schemes, very neat.