Monday, January 18, 2010

Hooking with yarn for the Jet Award

Last night I started working on the Jet Award for the Merit Program. The projects for earning the Jet Award requires working with alternative materials. For my first project, I chose to hook with yarn. I have an abundance of left over yarn from knitting mittens for Christmas a few years back. The yarn is mostly 3 and 4 ply acrylic so the mittens would be easy to wash and I had a wide variety of colors.

To start my project, I drew a 12x12 inch square on some inexpensive burlap that I had and divided that into triangles. On my first two triangles, I used a single strand of yarn. The weave on the burlap wasn't quite tight enough and I had to go back occasionally and pull up a lost loop or two which made it time consuming. On the third and remaining triangles, I decided to double up on the yarn. It made the hooking so much easier and covered the area to be hooked much faster. I still had an occasional lost loop and sometimes the yarn would split which was a little aggravating, but I really liked the look. Here is a view of the back. It could be neater, but I was concentrating on the front more than the back.
There is a warning here to be VERY careful putting the hooked part on your frame. The gripping strips wanted to pull out the hooking when I tried to reposition my mat.

The project is going fairly quickly (this is what I have done since last night). I could see me making a small rug using yarn but with a tighter weave backing.
Here are a few pictures showing how I hook with it. I cut off a long length of yarn and folded it in half. I began hooking by pulling up the loop end, then I continued hooking pulling up two strands at a time. To finish, I pulled up the tails and cut them even with the hooking.

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