Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hooking with Yarn continued . . . (Jet Award)

I have completed hooking my project with yarn. For the border, I used a chunky yarn 100% wool in a charcoal grey. The chunky wool yarn hooked much easier with very little splitting unlike the 4 ply acrylic. Then on a scrap backing, I tried using a 3 ply 100% wool with a single strand and then with a double strand. It too hooked up easier than the acrylic yarn. If you choose to hook with yarn, my suggestion is to go for wool instead of acrylic. The wool texture is better and does not have a tendency to pull out or split. The acrylic was really not bad to hook with, but it does have a tendency to split (which is aggravating) and has a softer finish (which could cause it to pull out of the backing). However, I did love the look of hooking with yarn. It was interesting and different . . . a definite change of pace.

Here are some pictures to show the comparison of the size difference of yarns I used.

The darker spots on the hooking are from the ends of the yarn that were brought to the top and cut even (not as noticeable when looking right at it) . I'm making the hooked piece into a pillow to finish it.

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  1. Hi Cynthia

    Glad you joined my blog and I have joined yours too. I use yarn all the time as it is easier to obtain rather than wool. Love your mats..

    Corner Brook, Newfoundland