Thursday, September 10, 2009

Footstool Update . . .

I have all of the top and one side of the footstool hooked. I have decided to add a beauty line around the top to frame it and to separate the top from the sides. The muted green plaid wool worked the best, something subtle so as to not take away from the colorful top. I'm still thinking through what I want to hook on the other three sides.


  1. You're making really good progress on your rug! I look forward to seeing how you sew the side seams so it will fit on the stool.....

  2. Thanks Gayle. I'm debating just how I will be sewing the sides together. I may have to take out some of the hooking on the sides before I seam it up to give it more snug fit. The hooking is making the linen stretch out a little . . . that's a problem I'll have to worry about after the hooking is finished.

  3. Love the foot stool! Great pictures and instructions. Thanks for sharing!