Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hooking a footstool with a "free spirit" . . .

I have been wandering around "Rug Hooking Daily" looking at all the wonderful pictures of hooked rugs and mats that are posted. There are so many talented hookers and so many delightful rugs. I am very drawn to the whimsical and primitive rugs that I see, but have never hooked anything I consider either.
I am striving to design something with a little more ... what I call "free spirit". Sometimes I feel like I keep myself in a box as far as creating a design or hooking. Today I have spend all afternoon measuring a footstool that I have been wanting to cover. I have the dimensions drawn off, so it is ready for a design. I want something colorful, something whimsical, something 'hit or miss', and something eye catching. The top, I'm thinking, will be the 'hit or miss'. Around the sides of the stool, I'm just not sure yet.

I measured the top of the footstool. I also took measurements both ways starting at the bottom of one side, up and across the top, then down the other side (allowing about 1/4 inch more to these measurements).

This is how the pattern looks drawn off on linen. I put on 'X' on the corners that will not be hooked.

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