Sunday, September 27, 2009

Footstool is finished!

The footstool is now finished, not without removing and adding some hooking here and there. After sewing the corners and checking the fit, I found it to be too loose around, and that it was about a row or two short at the bottom. I had to remove the stitching from the corners, remove some of the hooking from the corner area, then add a row or two around the bottom to lengthen it. I re-stitched the corners together, folded the excess corner area to one side, and then turned up about a 1 1/4 inch hem. The hem was slip stitched to the back of the linen. It now fits snugly. To hold the slipcover in place, I sewed some yarn to the very bottom edge, wrapped it around each leg and stitched it to the bottom side edge. I did this several times to draw in the sides and to hold it in place.

Draw a line for a 1 1/4 inch hem.

Zig zag or serge at hem line. Notice that I did not trim off the corners. I am leaving them intact. If ever I would want to undo the footstool cover, I could always go back and hook the corner area and make a rug mat. There is enough of the hem to whip an edge. This corner area is where I needed to pull out a row of hooking on either side to make the cover fig more snug.

Pin corner area.

I used yarn and I used a back stitched from the top corner down to the hem.

Check for fit. Here is where I discovered it was too loose and I needed to add another row all around the bottom. I had to remove the corner stitching to remove a row from the corner area (each side of corner). Notice a little of the corner area hanging out? Before hemming, I basted the corner edges to the hem and then turned up the hem.

Here is a close up of the bottom. To keep the slip cover on securely, I took a stitch at the hem, wrapped it around the leg, then attached that yarn at the hem on the side. Do this about twice and then pull the corner area together with a few stitches. I did NOT attach it to the footstool itself.

Another view. Nothing fancy here!

And here you have it!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your new footstool! Thank you so much for showing it from all sides, and also some shots of how you assembled it and attached it to the stool. I have a similar one that I've been wanting to do for years - now maybe I'll be brave enough to tackle it!

  2. Thanks, Gayle. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions. I kind of figured it out as I went along.

  3. Your footstool is lovely. What a great job you did. Now I will be watching flea markets and garage sales for a footstool. See what you started. Love it.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Your footstool is wonderful!! A couple of gals I hook with went to a workshop recently and are making those. I think that is something I would like to try. I'll check back.....


  5. Beautiful all the colors you chose!