Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Palette Dyeing with April DeConick

On Rug Hooking Daily, I am taking a virtual rug camp on April DeConick's 'Palette Dyeing' technique. It is an intensive study on color and dyeing colors in 8 values. It is so fabulous . . . I am learning volumes and I've just begun.
Here is my first attempt. It is very mottled, but I was so thrilled at my sample.

I tried my hand at mixing my own formulas with the Pro-Chem dyes that I had on hand. Each set looked like brown to me. I had red brown, yellow brown, green brown, and a brown brown. However, look at what my red brown and green brown dyes produced . . .

In upcoming weeks we will be dyeing the color wheel. I'm looking forward to that!


  1. So happy to have just found you this morning. Love the hooking projects, especially your doggie.
    I am a 2 year rug hooker, but have not tried dyeing wool as I work in a rug hooking store, and the owner does all our dyeing.

  2. Thanks, Katie. Dyeing wool can be very addictive. I was always tried to steer away for it, but now I really enjoy seeing the how the colors that turn out.