Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just having fun . . .

Due to all the heavy rains and flooding that Atlanta has been experiencing, I haven't been able to pick up my white wool needed to do palette dyeing from my rug hooking group. I only had 12 6x16 strips of creme wool and my primary color dyes re-figured for the umpteenth time, AND I was so very anxious to see what the secondary and tertiary colors would look like. So I spent the morning figuring out how much of the mixed dye from the primary colors I chose would it take to mix one value of each of the 12 colors. I'm certainly not a mathematician, but somehow I figured it out. It is amazing how the dyes mixed to make all the colors from my three primary dyes. This is value 4 of the 8 values. Also, this is Max the barn cat . . . who is no longer a barn cat, ever since he got kicked by a horse and broke his hip years ago. Max has decided he likes 'our' barn better than his.

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